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Join Us for #truBatonRouge

truUNCONFERENCE300x300We’re holding an event in Baton Rouge on January 29th and I hope you’ll join us as we explore topics related to talent, recruiting, HR, culture and technology. This free event, planned by the community for the benefit of the community, is for YOU! Join us if you’re interested in meeting and connecting in order to share, learn, build relationships, and have conversations.

#truBatonRouge is an unconference and there will be no speakers, no presentations, no pitches, no name tags and no podiums. We won’t be there to collect HRCI recertification credits (because there will be none) and we won’t sit quietly in orderly rows dutifully taking notes.

Rather we’ll have track leaders who will start a conversation around a topic in order to drive an interactive and engaged conversation. While track leaders will have the ability to decide exactly what they want to talk about, we’ll focus on topics like sourcing strategies, hiring the right talent, building your recruiting capabilities, organizational culture, social recruiting and all manner of talent/people strategies. Whether you’re looking to apply some new techniques or share what you’ve done or are doing (big or small companies!) you’ll find the conversations happening at #truBatonRouge. Scheduled tracks include:

  • The Internet IS your Friend: Tips from a Corporate Recruiter
  • Your Company Culture is Crap …. and You Know It
  • Fear and Loathing in Succession Planning
  • The Problem with ‘The Job Interview’
  • Are YOU the only one who cares about your Performance Management Strategy?
  • and.. a (mini) Hackathon – “Innovation in HR”

Each track leader (and you can be one! let me know if you’re interested!) leads a ‘track’ on their chosen topic and anyone can contribute, offer an opinion, tell a story or, if they wish – change the entire conversation all together. Track leaders moderate, facilitate and keep the conversation going – oftentimes by challenging the others with questions and ideas.

There have been 175 #tru events around the world since Bill Boorman founded #tru in 2010 and this is the second event to be held in Louisiana (we held #truNOLA in 2012). In the spirit of #trumunity this is a FREE event – planned for and available to ALL in the BR community!

We’ll be holding the event at Success Labs and I hope you’ll make plans to join us.

Contact me if you’re interested in leading a track – and register soon as we have a limited number of tickets available.

Note: #truDublin, organized by Ivan Stojanovic (@IrishRecruiter) and being held at the Guinness Storehouse, is happening on the same day as #truBatonRouge. We’ll be doing something fun with our friends in Ireland during #tru!

Bringing a little Social HR to the Crescent City – #truNOLA style

We had an exciting event last week in New Orleans when #truNOLA landed in town and a group of HR professionals, Recruiters, and other interested people came together to discuss talent, workplace culture, social recruiting, social media and technology.  When my friend Bill Boorman spoke at our Louisiana SHRM State Conference in April and declared New Orleans to be a “favorite city,” it set the wheels in motion to get him to bring a tru event to our state.  And so the plotting began and I set to my tasks as the on-the-ground coordinator.

I won’t tell you it was a huge event – we didn’t draw anywhere near the crowd of people that #truLondon or #truMontreal or #truZurich do.  But I think what made our event a special one was the fact that it was, well, cozy.  Unlike #truLondon (starting today! – follow the hashtag!) with 55 tracks and nifty things like a sourcing lab and a live stream (watch it HERE), #truNOLA’s small group encouraged immediacy and strengthened connections among a group of local individuals who work in and understand the somewhat unique culture of south Louisiana.  While most attendees work with multi-state locations few work globally.  And many, in fact, focus their efforts almost exclusively in the specific geographic areas of Baton Rouge and/or south Louisiana.  The discussions throughout the day began at this micro-level and then, bit by bit, expanded…leading to insight in technologies, data, social and talent activities occurring around the world.

We talked recruitment and retention (and I was the lone dissenting voice suggesting that recruiters should not be responsible for retention…harumph..I’ll address that later…).  We talked culture and engagement.  We talked brand ambassadors/evangelists, social channels/behaviors and technology.

People’s brains got filled.  As Victor Canada tweeted late in the day -> ‘Just heard “I downloaded so many tools suggested by @BillBoorman it crashed my iPhone” #truNOLA’

It was special and fantastic and I can’t thank Bill enough for bringing the event to Louisiana.  Now with all the momentum and my observation that tons of local non-attendees are jealous they missed it, the time may be right to plan for the next #truLouisiana event.  Other Louisiana locales may be a tad more sedate than New Orleans but you can still get a great bowl of gumbo just about anywhere south of the I-10.