Coffee and Conversation at #SHRM14

GloboforceI’m looking forward to next week’s big SHRM show which officially kicks off on Sunday; I’ll be arriving on Saturday in order to spend some time at the SHRM Annual Student Conference before the majority of the hordes descend upon the Orange Country Convention Center.

I’ve got a bit of activity on my plate; in addition to serving as a SHRM Official Blogger for the conference I’m also going to have a few opportunities to share content with other HR professionals.

I’m speaking at the Connections Smart Stage on Monday 6/23 (12:40 PM) with a session called “Be Bold: HR as Internal Consultant.” The new Connection Zone (where the Smart Stage is located) promises to be a great space; within the Zone will be the SHRMStore, a Tech Center (staffed by SHRM staff & the Conference App developer who will be able to fix glitches in downloading the app), and The Smart Stage. The Smart Stage will be emceed by comedian Tripp Crosby and the focus is on providing cutting-edge content in short segments from SHRM subject matter experts, HR & business thought leaders, and conference speakers.

Monday afternoon I’m at it again – but this time with coffee. (Yes!!).

I’m thrilled to be taking part in HR Influencer Series LIVE presented by my friends at Globoforce. The Globoforce booth (#2864) is being transformed into a coffeehouse complete with onsite baristas and will have lots of space for conference attendees to grab a seat and join in some conversations!  I’m excited to join a stellar lineup where we’ll be discussing all manner of things:



▪   10:00am – Laurie Ruettimann: Is Free Recognition Good Recognition?

▪   10:20am – Jennifer McClure & Laurie Ruettimann: Getting Leaders on Board w/Recognition

▪   10:40am – 5 Employee Recognition Mythbusters

▪   1:00pm – Meghan M. Biro & Kevin Grossman: Managing a Multigenerational Culture

▪   1:20am – 5 Employee Recognition Mythbusters

▪   1:40pm – Sharlyn Lauby: How to Stem the Tide of Employee Turnover

▪   2:00pm – 5 Employee Recognition Mythbusters

▪   3:00pm – 5 Employee Recognition Mythbusters

▪   3:20pm – Mary Ellen Slayter: Using Culture to Build a Better Employer Brand

▪   3:40pm – Robin Schooling: Do’s and Don’ts of Social Recognition



▪   10:00am – John Hollon: Harnessing the Power of Recognition Data

▪   10:20am – Michael Burchell from GPTW: Creating a Great Place to Work® Strategy

▪   10:40am – 5 Employee Recognition Mythbusters

▪   11:00am – 5 Employee Recognition Mythbusters

▪   1:00pm – Jennifer Robin from GPTW: Removing Barriers to Being a Great Place to Work®

*   1:30pm – Jessica Miller-Merrell: How to Create a Happier Workforce


Come grab a seat, stop to say “hey” and join me in a cup of coffee!

See you in Orlando! 

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