Cheers to @SourcerKelly – #timsackettday

fireworks3It’s one of my favorite holidays today –  #timsackettday.  A day when we gather together to celebrate someone who kicks butt all year long getting stuff done in the HR and/or Recruiting space.

This year we’re honoring Kelly Dingee someone who most definitely deserves a whole bunch of accolades.  Are you following her on Twitter? Do you have her in a G+ circle? You should. Did you know she’s a member of the Candidate Experience Council?

Kelly’s a proud mom who lives in the DC area where she leads a team of sourcers in her role as Strategic Recruiting Manager for Staffing Advisors.  She’s regularly speaks on sourcing, social media and all things recruiting and is a long time member of the Fistful of Talent blogging team; you can read all her FOT stuff here.

I always enjoy Kelly’s posts and one that stuck with me from a few years ago was was I’ll Tell You Why Your HR Worker Bees Don’t Want To “Engage” With Candidates… Nailed it; as she usually does.

So join me in toasting Kelly today; hoist a glass, send her a tweet, buy her some chocolates.

Then take a look around your office and peer into the mirror.  See some folks who are successfully grinding it out?  I bet you do – so take a moment to commend your coworkers and yourself.

The beauty of #timsackettday is that on the 23rd of January we all get to celebrate our inner Sackett!

Cheers Kelly!!


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