Will There Be Mermaids? #HRFL13

WEEKI_WACHEE_MERMAIDSWhen I was about 8 years old my parents loaded up the car, packed  provisions, tossed me in the back seat, and we set off to Florida for a vacation. We did the whole deal – took a drive to St. Augustine to look at forts and cool old buildings, spent multiple days at Walt Disney World (smaller than it is now of course – it had only been open for a few years) and endlessly trotted up and down a bunch of beaches.  I remember I got a wicked sunburn.

The part of the trip that has really stuck with me however, even after all these years, was a visit to Weeki Wachee.  I remember setting out to sea  – or so it seemed – in a glass bottom boat (freakin’ terrifying!).  We watched a mermaid show and I bought the whole deal. I thought they were absolutely the most glamorous creatures alive and I wondered how it was possible they could be among us mere mortals.  I was convinced – absolutely convinced – that mermaids truly existed and they all lived in Florida.  When we got back home I made all my friends ‘play mermaid’ with me whenever we went swimming.

Good grief – I was insufferable.


I’m going back to Florida today as I’m heading off to the 2013 HR Florida Conference & Expo and I’m totally looking forward to the entire event.  There’s a fabulous line-up of keynote speakers – Aron Ralston, Sheila C. Johnson and Peter Sheahan.  I’m also thrilled to be speaking at 2 sessions and serving as a member of the Social Technology Team.  I predict massive sleep once I get back home.

Sadly the conference is in Orlando which, according to mapquest, is 103.29 miles from Weeki Wachee via the Turnpike.  Damn it – no mermaids.  Unless I can gather my friends together and convince them we need to ‘play mermaid’ in the Hilton Bonnet Creek swimming pool.

Stranger things have happened at HR Conferences.


  1. Karlita Anderson says:

    Have a great time! Safe travels.

  2. Dean Goranson says:

    My parents did the same thing with me when I was a kid
    took in the whole the whole state. Dad wanted to make sure
    I had a great summer school field trip.

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