What’s YOUR #socialfootprint?

SM imagesI had a great phone conversation with Max Heywood last week about an interesting project he’s working on called #socialfootprint (you can follow the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook).  What started out as a personal review of his own social presence is gaining momentum as a wide-reaching project.

Max took a look at various social platforms, recorded how many friends or followers he has on each, and then ‘ranked’ the channels in terms of their importance to him.  He has since started to compare his data points with those of other social media enthusiasts in his network  – primarily folks who are involved with social recruiting, marketing, HR Tech, etc., and is putting together a graph analyzing the results.  As of today, Max’s “Contributor Hall of Fame” has 19 nerds social media enthusiasts who have completed the survey.  And yeah – I’m one of the nerds social media enthusiasts.

Max and I discussed how to best increase the gathering of data – especially from  people who may not be living on social channels as much as some of us.  We wondered what it would be like to gather stats (again, personal preference stats) from HR Leaders/practitioners and others working in and around the HR space.  Will the inclusion of occasional users impact the overall results?   What will happen when more data is gathered?   Will the ranking of the platforms change? (Currently, the 1-2-3 spots are held by Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

I find it fascinating.

So, dear friends, readers and fellow HR practitioners – I’m encouraging you to participate and join in this intriguing study.  Contribute your stats (it doesn’t take long!) by going here.   Grab the doc, save it as your own, make your edits (by adding your information with your URLs and community size) and then define what’s important to YOU – (primary usage and importance to me ranking).

Take a screen shot and either post it here in the comments section, share it with Max, or send it to me via email.

p.s.  as for me…. the twitterz was #1….

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