Why @Victorio_M is Awesome! #timsackettday

VictorioWhen I think about my friend Victorio Millian I have strong visual recollections. I see the beautiful photos he takes of his beloved NYC and the smiling faces of his two kids and their mother. I remember the times we’ve been able to sit down and have a chat and a bit of fun at various events over the years. I remember that the first time we met face to face (as people are wont to say) was in an elevator. In 2010.

Victorio is a human resources professional. And a damn good one. As with most exceptional people who work in HR he is an unsung hero; working tirelessly behind the scenes to not only make organizations better but to also keep the “human” front and center. I’ve seen him hit the high notes in both the art and the science of HR; formulating strategy (science) and implementing strategy (art).

So today, on #timsackettday, I am thrilled to salute a great HR professional who works his tail off, fights the good fight (for ALL people), and is just an all around superb guy.

Find him and talk to him and you’ll know exactly why I feel the way I do:

Victorio on Twitter

Victorio on LinkedIn

Victorio’s Creative Chaos blog


about #timsackettday: several years ago Laurie Ruettimann started a meme to honor HR professionals who get it done without seeking fame and fortune. Previous honorees have been Tim Sackett, Paul Hebert, and Kelly Dingee. And It’s always a surprise to the honoree…even more fun!

Happy #timsackettday Victorio!

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