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Beauty Queens on the Bayou – #MissUSA #goBR

site_promo1398180413LivefromBatonRouge2As a child (ages 6 through 10) there were two things I always role-played in the comfort of my home – Office and Beauty Pageant.

When playing Office I would move a dining room chair into the living room and place a TV tray in front of it. On the TV tray I placed (neatly!) a pad of paper, multiple pens and pencils, a stapler and/or tape dispenser, and my Fisher Price telephone.  I slipped on a jacket from one of my mother’s suits, clipped on a pair of her earrings, and spent glorious hours being super efficient while taking (imaginary) phone calls, writing (imaginary) work orders and ordering (imaginary) minions about to do my business.

Beauty Pageant was my go-to-role-play when I was freshly scrubbed and released from my mother’s tyranny of the bathtub.  Feeling super chic in my long flannel nightgown, accessorized with my bathrobe artfully flung about my shoulders and a pair of my mother’s peep toe high heels, I prepared for my crowning. I lined up my dolls on the sofa, grabbed a bouquet of artificial flowers to hold in my arms, and, suitably attired, made a grand entrance into the living room.  I humbly acknowledged the (imaginary) thunderous applause as I sobbed uncontrollably and blew kisses to the (imaginary) adoring throngs.

The Beauty Pageant dream died out l-o-n-g ago. Playing Office however, came in handy when I decided to spend 25 years working in Human Resources.  After all, starting at age 6 I wrote memos that no one read, had phone conversations where no one listened, and assumed that ordering people around signaled my authority and influence……….

But you know what guys and gals?

For the next 11 days I get to play Beauty Pageant!!!

OK – I don’t think it’s called a Beauty Pageant anymore; the correct terminology appears to be competition.  And while, obviously, the women who compete are physically lovely the various systems/organizations that run these events have worked pretty hard to make sure the programs also highlight talent and scholarship and accomplishments – stuff that goes well beyond great hair, long legs and super white teeth.

Although I doubt I will get to try on the crown or anything, I will be front and center to the hubbub as an official Social Media Ambassador for the #MissUSA 2014 pageant working in conjunction with Visit Baton Rouge and the Baton Rouge Social Media Association.   This, I have to tell y’all, is quite thrilling.

Naturally, while circling in the orbit of these 51 impossibly beautiful and accomplished contestants, I’m sure I will feel incredibly dowdy and frumpy. I’m already imagining that I will overhear Miss Idaho quiz Miss Wisconsin with a whispered “Who is that woman in the sensible shoes with the Coach bag?  She looks like an HR lady.”

For you however, my dear and loyal HR Schoolhouse readers, I shall persevere.  I shall tweet and Instagram and blog and snap pictures of Nene Leakes (!!!) and Larry Fitzgerald. I shall, if allowed, provide coverage of every flute player, baton twirler and opera singer I can find. My intent is to explore and assess the HR/work/talent related dynamics of the whole event and organization which I find incredibly mysterious and fascinating. I’m willing to bet that I can find a whole new spin on ‘authenticity’ and ‘brand’ in the pageant world.  Just a guess.

I also intend to give you a glimpse of the cool things that are going on here in Baton Rouge. So be warned – if you are following me on the twitterz you will see all sorts of stuff with the hashtags #MissUSA #goBR and #krewedecrown.  Roll with me.

Plus, even though I totally do not meet any of the qualifying criteria anymore, I might still get the inside scoop on becoming the next Miss USA!

Not sure though if my flannel nightgown would still be suitable for pageant competition.

Cheers to @SourcerKelly – #timsackettday

fireworks3It’s one of my favorite holidays today –  #timsackettday.  A day when we gather together to celebrate someone who kicks butt all year long getting stuff done in the HR and/or Recruiting space.

This year we’re honoring Kelly Dingee someone who most definitely deserves a whole bunch of accolades.  Are you following her on Twitter? Do you have her in a G+ circle? You should. Did you know she’s a member of the Candidate Experience Council?

Kelly’s a proud mom who lives in the DC area where she leads a team of sourcers in her role as Strategic Recruiting Manager for Staffing Advisors.  She’s regularly speaks on sourcing, social media and all things recruiting and is a long time member of the Fistful of Talent blogging team; you can read all her FOT stuff here.

I always enjoy Kelly’s posts and one that stuck with me from a few years ago was was I’ll Tell You Why Your HR Worker Bees Don’t Want To “Engage” With Candidates… Nailed it; as she usually does.

So join me in toasting Kelly today; hoist a glass, send her a tweet, buy her some chocolates.

Then take a look around your office and peer into the mirror.  See some folks who are successfully grinding it out?  I bet you do – so take a moment to commend your coworkers and yourself.

The beauty of #timsackettday is that on the 23rd of January we all get to celebrate our inner Sackett!

Cheers Kelly!!


What’s YOUR #socialfootprint?

SM imagesI had a great phone conversation with Max Heywood last week about an interesting project he’s working on called #socialfootprint (you can follow the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook).  What started out as a personal review of his own social presence is gaining momentum as a wide-reaching project.

Max took a look at various social platforms, recorded how many friends or followers he has on each, and then ‘ranked’ the channels in terms of their importance to him.  He has since started to compare his data points with those of other social media enthusiasts in his network  – primarily folks who are involved with social recruiting, marketing, HR Tech, etc., and is putting together a graph analyzing the results.  As of today, Max’s “Contributor Hall of Fame” has 19 nerds social media enthusiasts who have completed the survey.  And yeah – I’m one of the nerds social media enthusiasts.

Max and I discussed how to best increase the gathering of data – especially from  people who may not be living on social channels as much as some of us.  We wondered what it would be like to gather stats (again, personal preference stats) from HR Leaders/practitioners and others working in and around the HR space.  Will the inclusion of occasional users impact the overall results?   What will happen when more data is gathered?   Will the ranking of the platforms change? (Currently, the 1-2-3 spots are held by Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

I find it fascinating.

So, dear friends, readers and fellow HR practitioners – I’m encouraging you to participate and join in this intriguing study.  Contribute your stats (it doesn’t take long!) by going here.   Grab the doc, save it as your own, make your edits (by adding your information with your URLs and community size) and then define what’s important to YOU – (primary usage and importance to me ranking).

Take a screen shot and either post it here in the comments section, share it with Max, or send it to me via email.

p.s.  as for me…. the twitterz was #1….

Why I care about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy – and you should too !

Kim KardashianThis year will bring all sorts of celebrity babies; Will and Kate will be birthing a future monarch; Jessica Simpson is entiende again and Kim Kardashian will bring forth a Kanye West, Jr.  It’s not like I ‘follow’ this stuff – it’s really more a matter of I just can’t escape it in this celebrity-obsessed 24/7 news cycle in which we live.

Now I’ve never given one whit about the Kardashians.  In the interest of full disclosure, however, I must admit that several years ago I got momentarily sucked in to 10 minutes of “Kim and Khloe take over Some City” at which point I instantly dropped 5 IQ points.

But I digress.

The impending arrival (at some point this year) of the Kardashian/West bambino is a hugely anticipated event – or so the entertainment outlets would have us believe.  I do, in fact, find it fascinating from a purely observational standpoint.  And yes – I care because:

I’ve learned a lesson in living up to one’s self-proclaimed prophecy – Most people shake their heads in wonderment and ask the obvious question “why, exactly, are these people famous?”  Interestingly enough, other than the sex tape stuff, no one seems to know the answer.  These celebrity overlords have defined their very own reality and the collective public has bought into it.  Talk about the power of positive thinking!!  Imagine if we could all bottle that and make it work in our careers? 

I’ve been reminded how society views women – No matter the opinion one may hold in regards to Kim’s questionable talent, her 72 day marriage or her shameless self-promotion, one has to admit that she is not afraid to show us that women come in all shapes and sizes.  And will I may not personally go for the over-made-up doll look nor would I be caught dead in a skirt that is so tight I can’t bend my knees, I’ve got to commend KK for not feeling the need to adhere to some unrealistic twig-thin standard as demanded by the fashion Hollywood police.   Sadly, however, as an indictment on our culture, I have recently seen stories that call into question her weight gain and exploding curves – essentially pondering “is she getting too fat because of her pregnancy.”  What a sad freakin’ indictment of how we (the collective we) view women.

I’ve come to understand that a ‘family’, no matter how dysfunctional, can be a powerful thing – Sometimes I think the collective lot of Kardashians is on a one-way express train to Krazy Town.  But, wherever they’re headed, it is refreshing to see them go there as a group.  They start business ventures together, they rescue each other from jams and difficult situations and they are the FIRST ones to publicly defend and support each other when there’s some sort of questionable activity.  So who’s got your back?  Cuz it sure is nice when family/co-workers/teammates/friends can travel with you.  Am I right?

And that, my friends, is no doubt the first and last time I will spend any amount of time contemplating the Kardashians.

Well, until the baby comes along……