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Cheers to @SourcerKelly – #timsackettday

fireworks3It’s one of my favorite holidays today –  #timsackettday.  A day when we gather together to celebrate someone who kicks butt all year long getting stuff done in the HR and/or Recruiting space.

This year we’re honoring Kelly Dingee someone who most definitely deserves a whole bunch of accolades.  Are you following her on Twitter? Do you have her in a G+ circle? You should. Did you know she’s a member of the Candidate Experience Council?

Kelly’s a proud mom who lives in the DC area where she leads a team of sourcers in her role as Strategic Recruiting Manager for Staffing Advisors.  She’s regularly speaks on sourcing, social media and all things recruiting and is a long time member of the Fistful of Talent blogging team; you can read all her FOT stuff here.

I always enjoy Kelly’s posts and one that stuck with me from a few years ago was was I’ll Tell You Why Your HR Worker Bees Don’t Want To “Engage” With Candidates… Nailed it; as she usually does.

So join me in toasting Kelly today; hoist a glass, send her a tweet, buy her some chocolates.

Then take a look around your office and peer into the mirror.  See some folks who are successfully grinding it out?  I bet you do – so take a moment to commend your coworkers and yourself.

The beauty of #timsackettday is that on the 23rd of January we all get to celebrate our inner Sackett!

Cheers Kelly!!


Recharging HR (Guest Post)

One of the most enjoyable aspects of having an HR blog is the community that it builds across the HR profession and the way in which it widens the scope of my connections.  Today’s guest post is a perfect example.  My friend Ben Eubanks  in Hunstville, AL is involved with a group called NMU – NASHRM Mentor University which provides HR pros with the chance to network and engage with an intent to focus on areas/topics that are of interest to them as they develop within their careers.  Participants in this year’s program were asked to write a blog post and have it published online by a known HR blogger.  Lyala Walters, Director of HR with Terrame’ Day Spa and Salon was paired with me and wrote a great post from which we can all learn some lessons!

Recharging HR

Lucy Vitametavegemin“Are you un- poopular? Do you pop out at parties?” Sometimes it feels like we need a big dose of “VitaMeataVegamin” to make it through the day. HR is the liaison between employees, managers, executives and anyone else you can think of.  How do we stay on top of our game and give our best to the team each and every day?

  • Time-Out: Take a few minutes to stand up and do some stretches at your desk. It will get the blood flowing and put a pep in your step. Keep a small bottle of your favorite essential oil in your desk. A quick whiff can calm and energize.
  • Long Way to the Loo: You never know who you may run it to. A few extra minutes during the day can help you clear your head.
  • SMILEJ: “it increases your face value”! Smiling makes your more approachable and tempers anything you say with kindness. It also makes you feel good.
  • Car Karaoke: Everyone commutes to work and as we all know music calms the savage beast. Whether it’s Classic, Country or good ol’ Rock n’ Roll, turn it up and melt the stress away.
  • Birds of a Feather: Reach out to your support system with situations you may need help with. Join SHRM, your local chapter (mine is NASHRM) and get involved with peer groups such as a MENTOR UNIVERSITY program.

It’s important to do things to keep your passion alive. A few of these simple techniques can keep you motivated and ready to face any challenge!

Trembling hands, “butterflies,” and other nervous symptoms

Lydia_PinkhamThere’s a networking group in town called “Women and Wine on Wednesdays” with which I have a love/hate relationship.  The founders work hard to host successful monthly events, but even though the “wine” part is enticing I haven’t attended an event in eons.  One of the reasons I stopped going was because the gatherings turned into some strange mashup of a bachelorette party, a Girl Scout jamboree, and a Silpada jewelry party.  At the last WWW I attended the middle-aged gals were just plain giddy in their eagerness to get to the bar and chat-up the male bartenders.  It was weird.

So love/hate.   Try to attend with an overabundance of testosterone and you’re turned away at the door…unless you can fill a wine glass?

I’m ruminating on this topic today over at Women of HR…check it out….and pass me the bottle of  Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound.


Talent Initiatives: Making it Local with @BRAC_BatonRouge

ccots_logoIn every market in which I have either lived or worked the local Chamber of Commerce has often led the discussion regarding the recruitment (or re-recruitment) of talent for the area’s employers in order to ensure the continued economic competitiveness of the city or region.  Twenty years ago, in a larger market than my current one, I participated in roundtable discussions led by the local Chamber, where we lamented the brain drain as we took a look at the graduates from local colleges and universities who departed our fair city for job opportunities elsewhere.  “Would we ever get them to return? we asked. “What can employers do to make sure local grads have opportunities here at home? we pondered.

There was a lot of talk and good amount of hand-wringing but, at the end of the day, no action-oriented programs were implemented on a wide-ranging scale other than initiatives by individual companies.

What’s rather exciting though is that my local group, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, is putting its money where its mouth is and doing some pretty cool things in this area and incorporating TALENT into their traditional programs that focus on innovation, public education analysis/planning, and small business development

With a realization that Talent Development and the “talent economy” can drive business and regional success BRAC launched a 5-year plan in late 2011 which focuses on 2 main areas:  talent retention and talent attraction.  There are some exciting things happening and I asked Julie Laperouse, Director of Talent Development at the chamber to share some information; (Julie and I started having some great conversations about the state of employment in the Capital Region when she attended #truNOLA in October 2012).   She told me about a few of the programs being offered via the Baton Rouge Area Chamber:

  • Talent Database – BRAC currently has more than 450 resumes in a database of people who live out-of-state, but are trying to move back to Baton Rouge.  Employers are encouraged to send Julie requisitions/job descriptions and she will assist with a search of their database.  Information can be found here.
  • Regional Tours – When top out-of-area candidates come in for interviews BRAC staff will assist employers by taking the candidate on a fully customized tour to show them the benefits of moving to Baton Rouge.  BRAC has been providing this service since the fall of 2012 and it’s been met with rave reviews.  Julie told me “I just did a tour today and the wife said that she wasn’t too excited about moving here, but the tour dramatically changed her thoughts about moving to Baton Rouge.
  • Newcomer Packets – BRAC provides “goodie” bags that employers can give out to new employees from out of the area; the bags include a Region Guide, as well as some coupon books and other information about moving to Baton Rouge.  Employers can either get boxes of the Region Guides directly from the Business Report or interested employers can let Julie know in advance and she will coordinate putting together the full packets.
  • Capital Region 101 – This is a half-day event that serves as an orientation day to Baton Rouge and is completely free for attendees; the next event will be held in October.  While the general sessions are open to the public, if a company hires several out-of-state employees in a relatively short time, BRAC will provide a customized session just for their employees.

There are some amazing things coming together and I, for one, applaud the Chamber for working directly with investors and other employers to capitalize (pun intended) on our growing reputation as a hub for business growth and opportunity.

Geaux Baton Rouge!