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Carnival of HR: The “What Wins Championships” Edition

Rob-RyanIt’s an oft repeated cliché regarding NFL football that “defense wins championships.”

This gives me lots of angst, particularly when my team’s defense plays like crap in the opening weekend (Let’s please get it together Rob Ryan, ok? Thanks).

The Freakonomics folks tackled this a few years ago and wrote a good post about it in which they came to this conclusion:



Bottom line: Defense is no more important than offense.

It’s not defense that wins championships. In virtually

every sport, you need either a stellar offense or a

stellar defense, and having both is even better.


Makes me think of HR. Once we’re strong in the fundamentals of our sport (like any athlete) and have the proper conditioning we then tend to focus on whether we play offense or defense, don’t we? Of course, we NEED to play both (like they do in rugby … but that’s another topic).

Both defense and offense are necessary for a win with your organizational HR and people strategies. So on that note, this week’s edition of the Carnival of HR covers the fundamentals of the game, ongoing conditioning and strength training, defensive strategies, and offensive game-changers. 4 Quarters. Plus OT.

It’s a massive Carnival this week so grab a cup of java, settle back in your chair, and enjoy all these fabulous posts!


1st Quarter

KICK OFF by Steve BrowneRepurposing HR!!

Trish McFarlaneBe the HR Brand Ambassador for Your Organization

Jessica Miller-Merrell – eSkill Blog –  Is Simplicity the Next Big Thing in HR and Business?

Mike HabermanAre your ADA decisions “job related and consistent with business necessity”?

Tim BarryWe All Need Somebody to Lean on…In our Career

Gordon Middleton – Equifax Blog – I-9 Compliance: E-Verify Monitoring and Compliance Steps Up Activities

Mervyn Dinnen – Broadbean Blog – What’s The Future For Job Titles?

John Hunter –  Each Person Doing What They Are Told Isn’t Enough


2nd Quarter

Julie Winkle GiulioniLet’s Call a Truce… in the War for Talent

Chris Fields “Maybe You Should Step Down (from #HR)”

Lynn KnightDiet and Exercise to Optimize Talent Acquisition

Natalie Pike – Hireology Blog – Hiring After Labor Day: What you need to know

Bill Boorman – Take the Interview Blog – The Times They Are A-Changin’: Taking a Look at the Modern Recruiter

Kate Achille – The Devon Group – SEO Update – September 2014

Chris Powell – BlackbookHR – The Cost of Ignoring Employee Engagement

Anthony J James – Wired – Leveraging Social Media for Recruiting


(HALFTIME – Stand Up and Get Crunk!)


3rd Quarter

Will Thomson8 Things To Consider When Doing A Video Interview

Tim BarryAll You Need is Love…To Succeed in Social Recruiting

Sharlyn Lauby & Heather Bussing Why Job References Are Important – Part 1 – Ask #HR Bartender

Susan Mazza“3 Coaching Practices for Taking the Lid off Your Leadership”

Jennifer MillerResume Writing Tips from the HR Trenches

Jathan Janove – Ogletree Deakins Blog – Interview With #1 Bestselling Author Daniel H. Pink

Andrew TarvinThe Platinum Rule

Chris Fields“Who Are the Engagement Gatekeepers?”

Janine Truitt – Why My Next Move May Be Expat Life


4th Quarter

Melissa FairmanDo As I Say Not As I Do:

Ben Eubanks63% of Organizations Have No HR Strategy In Place

Linda Fisher ThorntonLeading For Ethics Future? (Or Ethics Past?)

Broc Edwards new socks: the last post you ever need to read about Zappos

Joanie ConnellBreaking Away: Is the College Transition Harder for Parents or Students?

Mervyn DinnenLiving in Interesting Times

Devin Lemoine – Success Labs Blog – 4 Essential Elements for Fueling a High-Performance Workplace



Winning the coin toss it’s …….

       Dan McCarthyDon’t Lead Your Real Team Like You Manage Your Fantasy Football Team

and with the game changing play ……

        Bill BoormanWhy mobile apply could damage recruiting #trulondon








Carnival of HR – The Dog Days of August

HR-CarnivalI’m not sure what’s happening where you live but here in south Louisiana we’re getting set for the final fairs/carnivals/festivals of the summer…you know, before we move into the tons of fairs/carnivals/festivals we have in autumn. Yeah – we do tend to celebrate all year here.

But so does the Carnival of HR!

I’m pleased to be hosting this week’s Carnival because, in my estimation, it’s an event where we continuously celebrate all that is good about our HR community; it’s a combination one-stop-resource of fabulous content from the HR blogosphere and a social gathering.  Every two weeks we gather together, share with each other and our readers (the phrase “in case you missed it” comes to mind), and encourage each other by linking, retweeting and promoting what we do.

There’s no need to toss down a sawbuck to play the golf ball/goldfish game, there will be no peer pressure to get on the rickety roller coaster, and I promise you won’t have to run the gauntlet of carnies carnival hucksters.    Just sit back – enjoy the waning days of summer – and read some super posts that have been submitted.  To get us rolling, I encourage you to start with these two posts that sum up what the carnival – and this community – is all about:

Creative Leadership – Connections – Doug Shaw

How Do We Benefit from Sharing our Blog Thoughts? – Ian Welsh


The Work we Do – HR, Leadership and how to get stuff done:

In its war on background checks, the EEOC loses a major early battle – Eric B. Meyer

Prove Your Leadership Everyday – Justin Harris

Fit and Diversity – Tim Gardner

Are you a High Potential Employee? – Lynn Dessert

Sight, Insight and Foresight method for managing non-performance – Prasad Kurian

How To Interview People? – Amit Bhagria

10 Succession Planning Best Practices – Dan McCarthy


Planning for the future – or is the future NOW?

5 Things I learned while Going Google – Anita Lettink

Futurism in HR is not about tomorrow it is about today – Mike Haberman

10 Things about Social Media and Business – Mervyn Dinnen

What We Can and Cannot Expect from Technology-Based Employment Testing – Charles Handler

HR’s missed opportunity to generate revenue – Broc Edwards

“F**k that” Is not an Effective Performance Improvement Strategy – Chris Fields


Oy Vey – When things go wrong……

Forced Distribution Performance Appraisals Suck the Life Out of Leadership – Jennifer V. Miller

What Marissa Mayer Wears in Vogue Doesn’t Matter – Jane Watson

Attributing Fault to the Person Without Considering the System – John Hunter

Interview Me Not: How Late is Too Late? – Kyle M. Jones

Does Candidate Experience Matter – Tiffany Kuehl


The Power of the Person; Action Items and Reflection

9 Tips to Increase the Likelihood You’ll Be Heard – Jesse Lyn Stoner

The Golden Rule of Interviewing – Kyle Dover

Forget the Low-Hanging Fruit – Sarah Williams

Ask The “Why?” Question –  Steve Roesler

HR Thought Leaders: I Think … Therefore I Am -(me)

Common Career Advice That’s Well-Intended, Well-Worn, and Well – Full of It! – Julie Giulioni

4 Ways to Add Humor to Your Email Signature – Andrew Tarvin

Fighting the Knee-Jerk Reaction – Melissa Fairman


And one final powerful post to move us into Labor Day – a chance for all of us to reflect on what “work” means for some….


Mike Hogue: A Day In The Life of a Civilian Working in Afghanistan – Mike Hogue (guest posting at Cost of Work)



Thanks for stopping by at the HR Schoolhouse; the Carnival returns on September 11th when it will be hosted by our friends at Women of HR.

The Day HR Got Real! – #BRHRcarnival

box of kleenexYou know what is so damn cool?  We have a fantastic group of HR bloggers right here in little ole Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I’ve told y’all about this before. So today, a few of us decided to run our own little blog carnival, and dedicate it to the awesomeness that is our city – Jimmy Swaggart, Governor Kenneth Bobby Jindal, LSU Tiger stuff, crawfish, Buddy Guy, “Me and Bobby McGee” getting ‘busted flat in Baton Rouge’….yada yada yada.  We will disregard the awfulness that was the sit-ins at the lunch counters, the fact that we have a crappy public transportation system, and the reality of our totally shite interstate system. 

Cuz we still rock.  And the Baton Rouge HR Ladies (well, the 3 of us anyway) will tell you so. 

To celebrate the carnival, go check out Christine Assaf’s words of wisdom at HR Tact, and the witty musings of Dominique Rodgers over at HR Gal Friday. 

It’s on.


One of the problems experienced by human resource professionals is that we’re viewed as, well, not quite “human.”  I’ve always likened it to the scenario when you’re in middle school and you happen (the horror!!) to run into your teacher at the grocery store or in the gas station parking lot.  Until that moment you never quite saw your teacher as having a personal life did you? God knows I never in a million years imagined Ms. Turdzinski buying tampons but there she was one day, in the grocery store line in front of my mother and I, pushing a cart piled high with cat litter, skim milk and cans of tuna.  I. Was. Mortified.

Sometimes when we work in human resources our employees don’t think we have a personal life.  Oh sure, they see the silver-framed pictures of our kids lined up on fancy credenzas and they get to meet our spouse at the annual company holiday party, but they forget that we’re people.  That we, just like them, have ups and downs; good days and bad days; highs and lows.    They expect us to be neutral – steady – impersonal.

Many years ago, in a distant job, I was having an awful day.  Stress levels related to completing a project had ratcheted to an all-time high.  The principal of my daughter’s school had called to discuss an ‘issue.’  My car needed new brakes – again. I was on the tail end of a cold. I was in a foul, foul mood.

And then an employee walked in to my office – with issues of her own.

So I put on my HR Lady face, invited her to have a seat, and let her pour out her story.  It seems she wanted something that, per some pretty specific IRS regulations and related benefit plan documents, she couldn’t have.

She didn’t believe me when I explained it to her.

She didn’t believe me when I pulled out documents, made her a copy, and highlighted the details.

She didn’t believe me when I placed a phone call so that she could hear a 3rd party explain everything to her yet again.

My head hurt.  And I was starting to get pissed.  Wait, correction – I was pissed.

“You have to let me do this.  You’re wrong.  I know you’re wrong!” she shouted at me in desperation.

And then, from behind the shiny, empathetic HR façade and within reach of the ever present Kleenex box on my desk, all the shit from my day and my life – came rushing out:  the brakes, the call from the principal, the g-damn deadline for my boss I wasn’t going to meet.

“Don’t you ever tell me how to do my freakin’ job!!!” I screamed.  Except I didn’t say freakin’.

She was stunned into silence.  Tears sprang to her eyes.  She turned on her heels and walked out of my office.

Worked up, as a description of my temperament, was an understatement. I grabbed my coat, walked out of the building and walked around the block.  Three times.  I think I said freakin’ a couple more times.  Except, once again, I didn’t say freakin’.


When I returned I walked to her work area and asked to speak to her in a private room. I apologized, but this time I was the one with tears in my eyes.

As I told her about my awful, terrible, horrible day and wailed and whined about car troubles and the school principal drama, she listened and nodded sympathetically.

We connected as two human beings.  We were suddenly no longer the HR Lady and an employee, but rather two gals kvetching about life’s setbacks.  Real communication with no BS, no plastic persona, and no “I’m in HR and must be neutral and impersonal.”

That was a day that HR got real. 

It’s (Still) Carnival Time!

So between Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras and the veritable monsoon we had in south Louisiana over the weekend I’ve been super busy.  And, if you’re like me, the week of festivities just totally took you out of the normal pace o’ business.  So you can thank me for linking you to last week’s CARNIVAL OF HR hosted over at Laurie Ruettimann’s home base The Cynical Girl.

I.  Check out all the awesome content and read these people right now if you are not already doing so.  Seriously.  Do it now.

2.  Make sure to stay tuned to the ongoing Carnival of HR.  Post-haste.

And yeah – Laurie assigned all the music herself.  She knows I adore that Mick Jones who does a bang-up job as lead vocalist on the selected track.  And I’ve got mad love, of course, for  Joe Strummer (RIP).  The Only Band that Matters.