Social Resources: It’s all about the People

I enjoy public speaking.  This should come as no surprise to my high school classmates who bestowed upon me the New Berlin West HS Class of 198x award for “Class Actress.”

It quickly became apparent, however, that a life in the theatre was not for me.  Rather than live in a cockroach-infested hovel while slinging plates at a greasy spoon and waiting for my big break, I moved in another direction and embarked upon a career in Human Resources.  Theatre of another kind – am I right?

Nevertheless, I continue to enjoy trodding the boards by regularly putting myself on some stage and speaking to various groups about HR related topics.  And while I’m nowhere near as busy as other HR folks on the speaking circuit, I generally find myself speaking, sharing information and hopefully imparting a bit of wisdom about 6 times per year.


Last week I had the pleasure of presenting “Let’s Get Social:  How HR Pros Can Gain a Competitive Advantage” at the Annual Conference of the Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) of New Orleans.

And today, with some tweaks and adjustments, I’m presenting the same topic at a meeting of the Baton Rouge chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

As I’ve been preparing for the IAAP session I spent quite a bit of time finding out about the international organization as well as the local chapter.  Sprinkled among membership information and chapter planning documents I found messages including:

  • “Be the one to ignite change”
  • “The demands that business places on administrative professionals is continually evolving”
  • “Help us determine how to engage the next generation of administrative professionals”
  • “We ensure success by embracing positive change and by nurturing diversity, creativity and visionary thinking.”

The IAAP members could have lifted these goals and objectives from my local SHRM chapter.  They certainly could have heard someone present the same message and/or felt a kinship with most any attendee at the you-name-it HR conference.  Because of these similarities I’m really looking forward to learning from the IAAP members how they view social media in relationship to their careers and their businesses.  I sure hope I don’t hear too many stories about how HR is blocking/denying/over-rule-making in regards to the use of social channels at their respective organizations – although I fear I will hear a bit of that.


I’m really looking forward to today’s discussions and I’ll be interested to see if the IAAP members are more comfortable with social channels in their day-to-day or if they remain as tentative in their adoption and usage for business reasons as many of those in HR.  We’re going to discuss social behavior (whether embedded in a tool/channel/technology or not) and social relationships as a powerful force with which to move one’s career forward.

And just as I did with the HRMA group last week, I will be asking today’s attendees to accept a challenge for Q4 2012:

  • Pick one social channel (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) and commit to increasing your knowledge and use
  • Identify ways you can leverage social media/social technologies within your Department
  • Think about…using social technologies/SM to improve social relationships within your organization
  • Be purposeful in connecting and building your network

I think it’s going to be a fun day.

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