I’ve Moved. The End of the HR Schoolhouse

This post originally ran in early 2015 when I stopped posting at the HRSchoolhouse and migrated over to my current site. When I changed my hosting it somehow dropped off so, since I still get a lot of traffic here at the Schoolhouse, I’ve decided to repost it.  Please join me at my current blog/site.


You and I have had a great run here at the HR Schoolhouse.

This blog was started in 2010 as a place where I could share my thoughts about HR and work, poke a stick at stuff I found absurd or ridiculous, and find solace in the blank page.

I still intend to do those things…I’m just going to be doing it under my own name.

From a practical standpoint this allows my to bring multiple sites (my blog, my business) together. The whole “who I am and what I do” has merged quite nicely since I stepped away from corporate HR leadership and went the entrepreneur route, but it’s not like I have all day to be updating multiple websites.

So thanks for being a loyal reader and/or subscriber to the HR Schoolhouse. This site will stay up and running, but I hope you’ll come and join me starting next week at RobinSchooling.com.

Peace out.


  1. Intermezzo says:

    Good luck! Will check out your new blog.

  2. Nice blog.Thanks for sharing. KEEP IT UP.

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