In Remembrance: Having a Life Worth Living

Jay LI woke this morning to sad news.  Over the course of the evening I received some messages via Facebook that a friend from college, Jay Leggett, had passed away yesterday afternoon while deer hunting with family.   As people began posting memories and reminiscing it hit me that I first met Jay when I was 17.  Seventeen! My how young we were.  To cite the oft-used cliche – sometimes that feels like yesterday and yet also a lifetime ago.

We had, as many do, lost touch over the years although in our general circle of friends (even pre social networks) everyone kind of had a sense of “who was where and doing what” over the intervening decades.  We reconnected several years ago via Facebook (naturally) and I loved chatting with him again after all the time had passed.   Living in Los Angeles for a few decades after making the move from Chicago he was an improv genius, a comic, a writer, a producer and a director.  Today, the Chicago Sun Times remembers him here.

But above all Jay was a guy who loved his family, his friends and his hometown of Tomahawk, WI.  He was a green-and-gold bleeding Packer fan and an avid hunter.  As a mutual college friend pointed out today How often can one truly say “he went doing what he loved”?’

Jay made a difference in people’s lives; it’s apparent as the news trickles out exactly how much he meant to so many.  He enjoyed what he did and how he did it. HE had a life worth living.  Every moment.

I hope – when my day comes – that I can say the same.

Rest in Peace my friend.  And may the Packers pull off a victory today in your honor.






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