HR Raging Debates – Let’s Rumble #DebateHR

raging_promo_badge_250x250If there’s one thing we like to do in the human resources space it’s tossing out a topic and approaching it from all angles – the pros, the cons, the ups and the downs.  It’s like the old saying  – get 2 people together and you’ll hear 3 opinions.

Our friends at Halogen Software have launched a series called HR Raging Debates and I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the series along with friends and colleagues China Gorman, Henryk Krajewski, Trish McFarlane, Jon Ingham, Heather Bussing, Dominique Jones and Laurie Bassi,

Come and join us and “get in on the debate” as we tackle a variety of topics – chime in, leave your comments and have your say!

You can connect with the community here.

Let’s rumble.



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