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buster-500To the casual reader perusing through some recent posts it might appear that I poke at my fellow HR colleagues with the same level of unbridled delight with which a 6 year old pokes a stick at an anthill.  Over the past week a few readers have called me to task for denigrating the entire HR profession. One reader, bless his heart, even told me to “kiss his HR a**”

I like when people are passionate about something near and dear, which, in this case, is working as a human resources professional.

Look – I love HR; if I didn’t I surely wouldn’t have spent the last 25 years working as an HR practitioner and leader.  If I thought we were a lost cause I would not be an active member of SHRM and a long-time volunteer leader with my local SHRM chapter, my SHRM state council and my state’s Annual SHRM Conference.  If I didn’t care I would have packed it in by now and headed on down the road.

But it’s because I do care that I like to tweak noses, push buttons and point out areas where, in my estimation, we’re failing.  Like most people in HR I like to be firm when needed. That’s an HR skill, right?

Sometimes the tough conversations happen when there are subjects we just don’t want to discuss. We get uncomfortable and defensive whenever a sacred cow is tipped or a long held assumption is challenged. I would hope when prodded that my fellow HR professionals would get to thinking about new ways of viewing things, but sometimes all they get to thinking about is how much they dislike “self-absorbed, stereotyping jerks.” (Yup.  Same guy).

Lots of HR people do awesome stuff in anonymity.  Quite often there is no one, save the employee who received assistance, who knows how hard an HR professional has toiled to get something done.  No one knows about the senior leader who had his rear-end saved because the head of HR talked him out of doing something stupid.  We need to celebrate these successes with each other because no one else will raise the flag on our behalf.

So please, I implore you, go out and thank an HR lady today.

I need to reverse the bad juju of the visits from unhappy readers.


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  1. Fellow HR Warrior says:

    Robin – I would like to take a moment to ‘thank you’! Very well said…and all too often we go without any recognition and I’m okay with that! So, again, THANK YOU! =)

  2. bless your heart, girl

  3. Robin…this was a great message. My two cents…if something needs to be said, then it needs to be said. The problem with most people is they lack the courage and conviction to do so. Thanks for the tough love!

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