Fromage and Brioche on the HR Menu

grilled cheeseI recently watched a story on CBS Sunday Morning about “Grilled Cheese Mania.”  Almost immediately (I mean within hours) of watching the story I had an insatiable desire for a grilled cheese sandwich.  This was accomplished with much fanfare and to the delight of all.

It’s always fascinating to me how food trends come and go and I’m somewhat amused by the collective frenzy that ensues when we must have our artisanal foods, cereal restaurants, and cronuts.  As the grilled cheese flood gates have opened people are now, probably, scrambling to devour:


Foodies, chefs and trendsters are always looking for the next big thing; they want to get in at the beginning of that which is hot, hip and happening.  Some food concoctions are accepted and our palates adjust; others not so much. Chef Fred at Trendy Restaurant A may hit on the next great thing or he may fail miserably but many of us like to try his concoctions, don’t we?  We like it when Chef Fred experiments in his kitchen so that we can read about it, taste it, tweak it, and make it our own when we replicate the recipe in our home kitchen.

Coconut oil?  Kale?  Chimchurri sauce? Pork belly? Doritos Locos Tacos?

We have the opportunity to do that in HR too you know.  Our peers and fellow practitioners are out there tinkering and experimenting and placing new things on the menu:  talent communities, social recruiting, centralization/decentralization, gamification, ROWE.   Some people snicker, scoff, and say “it will never work” or “see, it hasn’t worked.”    “The latest  buzzword put into action and it’s a failure,” they say.  “All flash and no substance” they sneer.

But every new thing we try expands our palate.  A bite, a sample, a taste – you’re  glad you at least sampled it, right?  So are you willing to sample – taste – try – something new and potentially delicious as an HR practitioner?  Something that will, perhaps, become a favorite food and a staple of your diet?


I never could have imagined when I, as a child in the 70’s, was learning to make what I considered the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich (Velveeta on Wonder Bread) that on a summer day in 2013 I would be toasting up a Muenster, banana and red onion on Rosemary Sourdough concoction and calling that a grilled cheese sandwich.

I may not be a turophile but I know what I like when I try it.


  1. Mary Wright says:

    Makes my mouth water. My favorite summer guest meal was grilled cheese sandwiches and gazpacho. Now, as for new “HR Entrees,” my mom always told me, “You have to try a taste of everything on the plate before you can say you don’t like it and won’t eat it.” I figure that’s a good life lesson.

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