Finding the Right Fit: Discussing HR Philosophy at #WeKnowNext

we know nextI’m looking forward to an interesting conversation today when I get to hang out with my friends at SHRM for the weekly twitter chat #nextchat.  I’ve assisted before with the chat and participate frequently.

Today we’ll be tackling the topic of defining one’s HR Philosophy and we’ll explore the how, why and when of aligning that Philosophy with Strategy.  As I wrote over at the We Know Next blog….

Just as each organization has its own operational philosophy, culture and strategic goals, so too must its HR team have a well-defined philosophy that outlines how they will carry out their responsibilities in alignment. Sadly, a number of HR departments have taken this to mean that they should develop buzzword -filled pieces of marketing collateral that can be blessed by their PR departments and placed on company websites. These are as meaningless as most corporate mission statements – beautifully written pieces of fluff that have no basis in reality or actual practice.  This needs to stop.

Click here to read the rest of the post and to preview the questions for this afternoon’s chat.  I hope you’ll join us on the twitterz at 3 PM ET!

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