Embrace Your HR Nerd – When Technology Meets People

band geekIn the not too distant past I read an article that poked a bit of fun at celebrities who, for some reason, like to emphasis the fact they were nerds in high school.   You’ve seen this too, right?  The buxom, gorgeous ingénue actress who claims bona fides as a math/science/band geek in her formative years and subsequently shares a picture from when she was 14 and wearing glasses?  Yeah.  I’ve seen it too.  Right next to a picture of her current day-to-day reality of walking the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards or dining at <insert trendy restaurant name here>.

Those of us who work in human resources are, sometimes, grown-ups who retain just a wee bit of the HS nerd in us.  Alas – we don’t get to stroll down the red carpet dripping in jewels on loan from Harry Winston; we have a different day-to-day reality.  Indeed we do.

Join me this Wednesday (7/24) at 2 PM ET for what promises to be a great discussion about some of that HR reality –  Leveraging HR Technology to Solve Real-world ChallengesHosted by the fine folks at LBI Software and moderated by my friend Laurie Ruettimann, you can join in as Richard Teed and I discuss how HR professionals can manage the gap between the capabilities (and promises) of HR Technology and the day-to-day world in which we live down here in the trenches.  Among other things we’re going to talk about:

  • HR’s mindset regarding HR Technology
  • How the use of HR Technology can assist in driving employee engagement, and
  • How HR Technology can be of value in identifying – and eliminating – employee issues

No longer relegated to the computer lab where the nerds hang out, HR Tech is cool, fun, and necessary to how we operate today.  So unleash your inner HR geek and attend this webinar.  You don’t need a slide rule but you can, if you so desire, wear your glasses.

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