The Circle of (Employee) Life – #EWS2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 5.50.56 PM(This post is sponsored by my friends at Spherion but any thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone. See below for full disclosure). 

One of the things that drives me mad in HR and in organizations is the tendency to compartmentalize or ‘disconnect’ the elements of the Employee Life Cycle. Sure, this sometimes pops up due to size, scope and scale: as an organization grows, and with it the HR function, in order to get stuff done we end up silo’ing HR responsibilities; Talent Attraction resides over here…Recruiting resides over there…and On Boarding/Talent Management/Performance Management/Career Development and Planning reside in a gazillion other places.

Oh – and we don’t talk to each other. Ever.


It has to stop. And it’s easier than ever to stop it.

Today we have multiple ways (ahem – ‘think social!’) to connect-the-dots as people progress along the pathway from candidates to applicants to employees. All those folks are increasingly using their social networks when deciding whether to enter a conversation with a company (candidate), express an interest in working for a company (applicant), or go to work for a company (employee).

Spherion has released the findings from the 2014 Emerging Workforce Study which was conducted by Harris Interactive earlier this year in which they surveyed more than 2,000 workers and 230+ HR managers/leaders. Spherion has been examining the issues and trends impacting the workforce for 15+ years and this year’s study examines several primary themes aligned with the employee life cycle: attraction, recruitment, engagement, retention, advocacy and leadership.

Check out this infographic for a few key findings:

Spherion EWS Employment Life Cycle Infographic (first 3 phases)

Bottom line for HR and business leaders? Our understanding of these things has been changing, shifting and evolving for a number of years but now – NOW – it’s time to further develop your insight on how these areas intersect across the employee life cycle: things like job satisfaction, #workflex, the changing workplace (how we work!), and social technologies. I encourage you to check out the survey and read up on how you can bridge the gap (an ever widening and disconnected gap) between what employers think and what candidates/applicants/employees think.

It IS a circle! Let’s connect the dots.


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  1. hrgem says:

    Completely agree. In the UK we have an increasing tendency (which I dislike) to talk about HR and L&D as if they were totally separate things. Everyone wants a seat at the mythical table. At an internal comms conference I was following on twitter last week was also calling for a separate seat, direct into the CEO etc. My very simple theory? It is all people stuff. And the people on the end of it don’t care – they just want it to work well and to have a good experience.

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