Christmas Memories: Kooky Cooky House

kooky cooky houseMy childhood visits with Santa often took place at the Kooky Cooky House at Milwaukee’s Capitol Court Mall.  I vividly recall one visit (age 5 or 6) when I was wearing a red velvet dress, black patent leather shoes (always) and a white winter coat.  And a hand muff to keep my hands warm –the height of 1970 childhood fashion in the frigid Wisconsin winters.


hand muff

I think I need to get one of these hand muffs again…

While Santa was awesome I remember the whole mechanical cookie-making house scared the crap out of me; the only draw as far as I was concerned was that cookies (yes!) were handed out at the end of the visit with Santa.

And now I found a guy named John Foust who built a website dedicated to the Kooky Cooky House and while the pictures kind of freak me out I still went ahead and liked his Facebook page too.  The magic of memories is a powerful thing.

So even if you don’t get to hang with robots making cookies enjoy the memories you make this season and Merry Christmas!  


image courtesy of John Foust 

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