Carnival of HR – The Dog Days of August

HR-CarnivalI’m not sure what’s happening where you live but here in south Louisiana we’re getting set for the final fairs/carnivals/festivals of the summer…you know, before we move into the tons of fairs/carnivals/festivals we have in autumn. Yeah – we do tend to celebrate all year here.

But so does the Carnival of HR!

I’m pleased to be hosting this week’s Carnival because, in my estimation, it’s an event where we continuously celebrate all that is good about our HR community; it’s a combination one-stop-resource of fabulous content from the HR blogosphere and a social gathering.  Every two weeks we gather together, share with each other and our readers (the phrase “in case you missed it” comes to mind), and encourage each other by linking, retweeting and promoting what we do.

There’s no need to toss down a sawbuck to play the golf ball/goldfish game, there will be no peer pressure to get on the rickety roller coaster, and I promise you won’t have to run the gauntlet of carnies carnival hucksters.    Just sit back – enjoy the waning days of summer – and read some super posts that have been submitted.  To get us rolling, I encourage you to start with these two posts that sum up what the carnival – and this community – is all about:

Creative Leadership – Connections – Doug Shaw

How Do We Benefit from Sharing our Blog Thoughts? – Ian Welsh


The Work we Do – HR, Leadership and how to get stuff done:

In its war on background checks, the EEOC loses a major early battle – Eric B. Meyer

Prove Your Leadership Everyday – Justin Harris

Fit and Diversity – Tim Gardner

Are you a High Potential Employee? – Lynn Dessert

Sight, Insight and Foresight method for managing non-performance – Prasad Kurian

How To Interview People? – Amit Bhagria

10 Succession Planning Best Practices – Dan McCarthy


Planning for the future – or is the future NOW?

5 Things I learned while Going Google – Anita Lettink

Futurism in HR is not about tomorrow it is about today – Mike Haberman

10 Things about Social Media and Business – Mervyn Dinnen

What We Can and Cannot Expect from Technology-Based Employment Testing – Charles Handler

HR’s missed opportunity to generate revenue – Broc Edwards

“F**k that” Is not an Effective Performance Improvement Strategy – Chris Fields


Oy Vey – When things go wrong……

Forced Distribution Performance Appraisals Suck the Life Out of Leadership – Jennifer V. Miller

What Marissa Mayer Wears in Vogue Doesn’t Matter – Jane Watson

Attributing Fault to the Person Without Considering the System – John Hunter

Interview Me Not: How Late is Too Late? – Kyle M. Jones

Does Candidate Experience Matter – Tiffany Kuehl


The Power of the Person; Action Items and Reflection

9 Tips to Increase the Likelihood You’ll Be Heard – Jesse Lyn Stoner

The Golden Rule of Interviewing – Kyle Dover

Forget the Low-Hanging Fruit – Sarah Williams

Ask The “Why?” Question –  Steve Roesler

HR Thought Leaders: I Think … Therefore I Am -(me)

Common Career Advice That’s Well-Intended, Well-Worn, and Well – Full of It! – Julie Giulioni

4 Ways to Add Humor to Your Email Signature – Andrew Tarvin

Fighting the Knee-Jerk Reaction – Melissa Fairman


And one final powerful post to move us into Labor Day – a chance for all of us to reflect on what “work” means for some….


Mike Hogue: A Day In The Life of a Civilian Working in Afghanistan – Mike Hogue (guest posting at Cost of Work)



Thanks for stopping by at the HR Schoolhouse; the Carnival returns on September 11th when it will be hosted by our friends at Women of HR.

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  1. Robin, THANK YOU for the inclusion in the Carnival of HR! Many thanks!

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