Building Effective HR and Manager Partnerships

cherriesHR professionals are responsible for aligning HR objectives with business objectives; devising the underlying people strategies that support the attainment of business goals.

This requires that we not only continuously analyze trends and metrics with a focus on developing solutions but also that we’re adept at relationship building in order to gain support and achieve results.  These relationships – these partnerships – are critical and we need to understand that we cannot possibly get stuff done without them!

After all, while there may be day-to-day HR tasks and deliverables we’re responsible for, and we may serve as a liaison between internal Centers of Excellence, our primary role is to deliver state of the art HR to our internal clients – whether that be across the enterprise or to a specific line of business we support.

The key for ANY of these HR/Manager relationships is working together to envision, develop and implement strategies that address competitive – and often complex – business issues. We must develop a shared understanding and commitment to:

  • WHERE we’re going
  • WHAT we’re trying to achieve
  • our PLAN for getting there

Of course we’ve known for some time what needs to happen across the HR spectrum: we need to develop deeper business acumen, strengthen our analytical skills, serve as performance advisors and – in many respects – evolve our thinking of WHAT the workforce needs are today.

We also need to be proactive in uncovering and identifying the needs within our organization and we must understand how everything we traditionally do (talent attraction, performance management, cultural socialization, total compensation and rewards) connects – as well as the critical role managers play in these function that have traditionally resided only in human resources.

Once we demonstrate our capabilities in these areas and build credibility by solving problems and delivering results then it’s time to commit to bringing our managers/partners with us so that we can transform these relationships into true partnerships.

I’ll be leading a webinar on July 10th for the Talent Management Alliance“Building Effective HRBP and Manager Partnerships for Organizational Success” where we’ll discuss the opportunities that HR professionals have for growing understanding – and building partnerships – with managers.  Specifically we’ll take a look at the talent management cycle and discuss how HR professionals can support effectiveness across the entire employee lifecycle and strengthen their visibility as strategic partners/advisors by demonstrating business acumen and workforce management knowledge while effectively creating, innovating, analyzing and providing leadership.

I hope you’ll join us!


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  1. Great post, Robin. Sorry I missed your webinar, I think this is a really important topic. At the McQuaig Institute, we recently conducted a survey of nearly 600 HR professionals worldwide, and one of the interesting things to come back was that – when it comes to recruiting – getting time and engagement from hiring managers was their biggest challenge. Not skills shortage, or the supply of qualifies candidates, but getting their business partners to participate. I’d love to send you a copy of the results, I think you might find them interesting.

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