Bring your Horn

photo copy 2A few weeks ago Mr. S. and I went to a local restaurant on a weeknight to see a friend’s band play; one of the truly great things about south Louisiana is how live music is accessible everywhere and anytime.  Playing old school R&B with a bit of the new (they actually did a pretty good version of “Blurred Lines”), they quickly got the crowd dancing in the aisles. The band is comprised of 5 guys yet when they returned for the second set crammed onto the tiny stage (and I mean tiny) were two additional guys who had been in the audience enjoying the show with the rest of us: a trombone player and a sax player.

Needless to say, some “Earth, Wind and Fire” rocked the joint.

At the conclusion of the evening as we all hung around and chatted with friends I mentioned to the trombone player (who, as it turned out,  was an old schoolmate of some band members) how nifty it was that he had his trombone along so the band could get him to join them on stage.

“A true musician always brings his horn” he replied.

Oh I like that. Right there.

Isn’t it always better to:

  • Arrive at your destination with a positive mindset
  • Show up every day believing that what you do matters
  • Be prepared for anything
  • Be ready and willing to participate
  • Enjoy each moment

How much better if we ‘bring our horns’ with us each day?


  1. Lemanuel "Smiley" Turnipseed says:

    Mrs. Robin Schooling,

    It was an honor meeting you. I truly enjoyed your article, “Bring your Horn”. You have truly captures the essences of the type of person I am; very positive and “bring my horn” typo of guy – everywhere in life. Sometimes life will make you play the blues, however, the first step in playing the blues is the buzz on the mouthpiece. Please keep in touch with me.

    Thank you,

    Lemanuel “Smiley” Turnipseed

  2. Rohini Desai says:


    I really like your message in this blog and I shared with the lead team of MCH. I see that you are doing very well, if you are happen to be in Milwaukee, please stop by at MCH.

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