Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Aron Ralston #HRFL13

2013_HRFlorida_AronRalston_125x171This morning’s kick off keynote speaker at the HR Florida State Conference & Expo was Aron Ralston – the man who inspired the film “127 Hours.”  In 2003 while hiking in a canyon in southern Utah, Aron was pinned by a half-ton boulder for nearly a week in a remote three-foot-wide slot.  He narrowly escaped death by severing his right forearm with a dull pocketknife. After applying a tourniquet, he hiked and rappelled for five hours through Blue John Canyon before searchers in a helicopter miraculously rescued him.

Taking us through the story, Aron pointed out that we all are faced with boulders in our lives and everyone finds themselves placed between a rock and a hard place.

As he told his amazing story, punctuated with jokes and humor, the audience was enthralled and silent..  As he talked about how we all face choices in our lives  he also encouraged us to be in those moments and accept the accompanying challenges.  In the moment of his decision, before cutting off his arm, he realized that doing nothing –  not acting – would  be a “small act of suicide.”

“That boulder gave me a gift; it showed me what was really important in my life,” Ralston said.

How can we turn despair and hopelessness into a will to survive and live?  Or  can we turn it into, as Aron did, into a will to love

When taking one final look at  boulders – obstacles – that have been in your way can you say “thank you” to them?  Give thanks and acknowledgment to those things that have stood in your way and presented challenges?

Aron Ralston did just that.


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