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“It isn’t really important to decide when you are very young just exactly what you want to become when you grow up. It is much more important to decide on the way you want to live. If you are going to be honest with yourself and honest with your friends, if you are going to get involved with causes which are good for others, not only for yourselves, then it seems to me that that is sufficient, and maybe what you will be is only a matter of chance.”

Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel


Golda Meir School

Golda Meir School in Milwaukee, WI was built in 1890 as Fourth Street School. It was renamed and rededicated on May 4, 1979 in honor of Golda Meir who attended grade school at the school from 1906 to 1912. As Prime Minister of Israel, she visited the school in 1969 and shared the above words with the children.





  1. Ben says:

    Ahhhh! It’s great to have you aboard the blogging train, Robin. :-) You are an inspiration to me as a senior-level HR pro who really gets it as opposed to those who would rather bury their heads in the sand and hide from change. Plus, you hug me a lot.

    Can’t wait to learn more at the feet of such an amazing person. Cheers!


  2. Tricia says:

    Congratulations Robin!!!! Looking forward to being back in school again :-)

  3. I’m not in HR at all, but your blog is cool as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks….especially the insight on rules!

  4. Kyle Jones says:

    The new look is fantastic!!!!!!!!

  5. Hirali Desai says:

    I will definitely consider it as I am a new to this HR industry. Thanks for sharing such a great content!

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