3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to be an Effective Manager

talktalk_logoYou can spend countless hours reading books, scholarly articles and tomes that promise to make you a better manager.  But sometimes, a simple recalibration of the basic tools may be all that you need.  As a manager, you can very easily:

Bolster the confidence of your team members.  While you cannot instill confidence in another person, you can, as a manager, support them as they develop it themself.  This may take the form of providing access to further learning and development opportunities or giving an employee the chance to take on a  ‘stretch’ assignment that builds their self-esteem.  Who doesn’t like the opportunity to say “I accomplished it!?”

Take initiative to make things better.  One of the most important things a manager can do is remove obstacles that get in the way of the success of team members.  As a manager you should regularly take a look at things like processes, policies and workflow and then make adjustments by removing anything that prevents people from being successful.

Lead by example.  It goes without saying that a manager at any level who sets expectations for employees should also abide by them.  This goes beyond “rolling up the shirtsleeves and pitching in” (although that doesn’t hurt!), and into the territory of being truthful, taking responsibility and operating by the same standards of conduct that are expected from team members.

If you walk your talk, people will follow.


this post originally ran at Silver Zebras 


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